Life is a musical journey. A show that can be experienced and interpreted in so many ways. In the music that Temilia creates together with her friends she gives you, the listener, a glimpse. A glimpse of her life – or maybe a glimpse of yours. Her music wants to draw you close – just for a moment, or for the rest of your life.

The people who share this music with you are Temilia Moberg – songwriter and lead singer, Fredrik Moberg – husband, companion and bass player, Sofie Dahlin – close friend, violinist and all-rounder, Jesper Andersson – a firm rock, drummer and… violinist? Flamman – guitarist and superhero. Together they perform the music live – sometimes with even more friends contributing on stage, sometimes as a trio or duo. Together they do their best to move you. Together they give you the opportunity to join the journey.



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